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Windows Key Shortcuts for Win 7

Just getting started with Windows 7? Well, here are 11 Windows key (pictured below) shortcuts that will start you off on the right foot with Microsoft’s latest operating system.


Let’s take a look!

Win + Up Arrow – Maximize

Win + Down Arrow – Minimize

Win + Left Arrow – Snap to Left

Win + Right Arrow – Snap to Right (see a pattern here?)

Win + Home – Restore or minimize all other windows

Win + T – Press once to focus the first taskbar entry; press again to cycle through taskbar entries

Win + Space Bar (hold) – Peek at the desktop

Win + G – Bring gadgets forward to the top

Win + any number key (1-9) – Open a program on the taskbar. (The number corresponds to the pinned program’s location.)

Win + + (plug sign) – Zoom in

Win + – (minus sign) – Zoom Out