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Windows Live Email Spell Check

Melody Perales from Rockport, TX asks:

How do I get my Windows Live email spell check back? It suddenly disappeared and refuses to work.

Hello Melody, and thank you for the great question. Windows Live Mail automatically checks messages, and underlines words it suspects is wrong with a red squiggle line. If your Windows Live Mail is no longer doing this, however, there is a way to turn it back on.

Open Windows Live Mail by double-clicking the icon on your desktop. Alternately, open Windows Live Mail through the Start menu.

Press the Menu button at the top of the screen, or you can press the  ALT+M keys on your keyboard, and then click Options to open the Options window.


Click the Spelling tab.

Check the Always check spelling before sending check box.

Check the Automatically correct common capitalization and spelling mistakes check box.

Check the Check my spelling as I type check box.

Check the Check spelling in current input language check box.


Click OK to close the Options window.

We hope your Windows Live spell checker is now working. I, myself, couldn’t live without my spell checker.

~Rita Wood