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Windows Live Mesh

Windows Live Mesh is a cloud service from Microsoft by which you can keep your important folders synced across multiple computers. This tool is available for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac users.

You can also sync folders across SkyDrive synced storage (Windows provides 5 GB free space). It means you can access your folders from any computer you want through web. This is a step by step tutorial to sync folders across different computers, using SkyDrive Sync storage.

Go to Windows Live Mesh 2011 and click the Download now button.

After downloading the file, double click on it to install. It will take few seconds to install on your computer.

Now click the Start button on your computer, and type mesh in the search box. Click on the result or press Enter.

Windows Live Mesh sign in window will open. Enter your Windows Live credentials in the box and hit the Sign in button.


Click on Sync a folder. Select the folder in your computer that you want to sync and press the Sync button.


It will ask you to select the device where you want to sync the image. Select the device and press OK. If you are using Windows Live Mesh first time then you’ll see only SkyDrive synced storage. Check the box next to it.


It will start syncing the folder you selected. Syncing time depends upon the speed of your internet connection.

Similarly download Windows Live Mesh on other devices and you can sync any folder between multiple devices. The synced folder will appear on your personal folder (C –> Users –> Username) of the computer.

Note: Use the same Live ID on each computer when signing in to Windows Live Mesh. Otherwise, your data will not sync (you won’t find previously added devices while syncing the folders).

That’s how you can sync folders across multiple devices. Go to Windows Live Devices website, login with your live ID and you can access synced folders from any computer you want.

~Himanshu Yadav