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Windows Mail Shortcuts

It appears as though a healthy portion of Worldstart readers out there are using Windows Mail as their primary E-mail client. This is great, but I realized that I haven’t offered up a single tip on WM since I’ve been writing here!

Please accept my most sincere apologies in the form of some helpful keyboard shortcuts! 😉

Main window

CTRL+O or ENTER – Open selected message
CTRL+ENTER or CTRL+Q – Mark as read
TAB – Move between message list, Folders list, and Preview pane
CTRL+W – Go to a newsgroup
Left arrow or + – Expand newsgroup conversation
Right arrow or – – Collapse newsgroup conversation
CTRL+SHIFT+A – Mark all newsgroup messages read
CTRL+SHIFT+M – Download newsgroup messages for offline reading
CTRL+I – Go to Inbox
CTRL+Y – Go to a folder
F5 – Refresh newsgroup messages and headers

Main window and View Message window:

CTRL+M – Send and receive
CTRL+N – Open or post new message
CTRL+SHIFT+B – Open contacts
DELTE or CTRL+D – Delete message
CTRL+R – Reply to message author
CTRL+SHIFT+R or CTRL+G – (newsgroups only) Reply to all
CTRL+F – Forward message
CTRL+SHIFT+F – Find message
CTRL+P – Print message
CTRL+> – Go to next message
CTRL+< – Go to previous message
ALT+ENTER – View selected message’s properties
CTRL+U – Go to next unread message
CTRL+SHIFT+U – Go to next unread newsgroup conversation

Message window

ESC – Close message
F3 or CTRL+SHIFT+F – Find text
F7 – Check spelling (when sending)
CTRL+SHIFT+S – Insert signature (when sending)
CTRL+ENTER or ALT+S – Send message or post to newsgroup
CTRL+TAB – Switch among Edit, Source, and Preview tabs in Source Edit view

Happy shortcutting!