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Windows Media Bonus Pack – Part 3

Windows Media Bonus Pack – Part 3

Are you ready? I sure hope so, because here it comes! The third and final part to our Windows Media Bonus Pack adventure is here. Come along with me as we finish up this article series!

If you have been following this series so far, you probably have already seen some improvements in your Windows Media Player by using the bonus pack supplied free by Windows.

However, in the same pack, there is a super bonus of add ons for Windows Movie Maker, so if you have this and use this on their computer, I will now tell you a little bit about what’s in store for you. I will also go over how you can use these add ons for yourself.

By the way, if you haven’t done so already, why not read my series on the Windows Movie Maker? You can find them here [1]. With those, you will be able to see how you can vastly improve the quality of your home movies for free! Now, back to the bonus pack.

Assuming you have downloaded and installed the media bonus pack, let’s now go to the Programs menu and locate the bonuses for Movie Maker (see below):

If you select Movie Maker Creativity Kit, you will then see four options (see picture above). Let’s start with:

Background Music

Movie Maker comes with a limited amount of music as the standard, so this is a very welcomed addition to spice up your movies.

Open Movie Maker and on the side menu, select Import Audio or Music.

Next, go to where the files are stored (probably here: C:\Program Files\Windows Media Bonus Pack for Windows XP\Movie Maker Kit, unless you chose to put it somewhere else). Once you’re there, select the files you want (below, I show all of them selected and ready for the import:

Then click on Import and you should then see them available for selection in Movie Maker, like this:

You can then drag them to the Timeline, depending on when you want to use them (see the articles about using Movie Maker for more on this).

Now, let’s talk about:

Sound Effects

This can really enhance your movies. For example, a creaking door, a dripping tap, a car passing by and so on. It just adds that little bit of extra atmosphere to the show.

The procedure is very similar to adding the music. Go to Import Audio or Music and then fine the correct place on your hard disk where the files are stored. Then import them just like you did before.

Below, you’ll see the various categories into which the sounds effects are divided:

Then, an example of the contents in one such folder, ready to import one sound effect:

Again, drag to the Timeline when you want to insert it into the movie.

Finally, we have:

Video Title Images

Here we have a nice selection of titles for a variety of occasions as short video clips, which can be inserted at the appropriate points in your movie.

This time, on the side menu in Movie Maker, select Import Pictures.

When the selection screen comes up, do make sure to check the box that says “Create clips for video files.”

Yet again, they will appear as available in Movie Maker:

Dragging to the Timeline, as and when needed, will bring them into your film.

So, there you have it! The complete works as a free gift from Microsoft to make your media experiences even better.

Oh, by the way, if you are not satisfied with what you have got for free, there is a Plus! SuperPack, which gives you even more to play with, if you’re interested.

So, please go and enjoy the Media Bonus Pack and take your media experiences to a whole new level!

Also, if you missed out on Parts 1 and 2 of this series, refer back to Wednesday’s and Thursday’s newsletters via this link. Enjoy!

~ David Woodford