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Windows Media Player 11 Keyboard Shortcuts Pt. 1

Hey all you Windows Media Player users out there – looking for some keyboard shortcuts? Well, load up WMP 11, open a video and follow along, because here’s a bevvy of them to try out!

Switch to full mode – CTRL+1
Switch to skin mode – CTRL+2
Switch to the first view in a media category – CTRL+7
Switch to the second view in a media category – CTRL+8
Switch to the third view in a media category – CTRL+9
Play the previous item – CTRL+B
Move the focus to the search box in the library – CTRL+E
Play the next item – CTRL+F
Turn shuffle on or off – CTRL+H
Eject CD or DVD (won’t work on PCs with two or more CD or DVD disc drives installed) – CTRL+J
Show or hide the Menu Bar (full mode only) – CTRL+M
Create a playlist – CTRL+N
Open a file – CTRL+O
Play or pause a file – CTRL+P
Stop playback – CTRL+S
Rewind video – CTRL+Shift+B
Turn subtitles on or off – CTRL+Shift+C
Fast-forward – CTRL+Shift+F
Play faster than normal speed – CTRL+Shift+G
Play at normal speed – CTRL+Shift+N
Play slower than normal speed – CTRL+Shift+S
Repeat the playlist – CTRL+T
Specify either a URL or path of a file – CTRL+U
Close or stop playing a file – CTRL+W

Part 2, coming soon!