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Windows Media Player 11 Keyboard Shortcuts Pt. 2

Want more Windows Media Player 11 shortcuts? Well, you’re in luck, because here’s part two!

Open Help – F1
Enable Classic Menus (menu bar) – F10
Full-screen mode – F11
Edit information on a selected item in the library – F2
Add media files to the library – F3
Change how items are displayed in the Details pane – F4
Refresh information in the panes – F5
Increase album art size – F6
Mute the volume – F7
Decrease volume – F8
Increase volume – F9
Decrease the size of album art – Shift+F6
Zoom to 50 percent – ALT+1
Zoom to 100 percent – ALT+2
Zoom to 200 percent – ALT+3
Show video in full screen – ALT+Enter
Switch to previous view (Back button) – ALT+Left Arrow
Switch to next view (Forward button) – ALT+Right Arrow

If you missed it, here’s part one!