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Windows Media Player Online Radio

Windows Media Player 12 comes with a special feature that offers online radio anywhere. You can listen to different types of music including Country, Blues, Talk Radio, Soft Rock, and more. If you’re tired of continually listening to your MP3s and old CDs, you may want to give Windows Media Player 12 a listen. With all the radio stations now available from Windows Media Player 12, you need not download applications provided by third-parties, or visit sites that provide music.

Accessing the Media Guide

You can move to the Library view by pressing (Alt+V) then select the option Online Stores which displays the option Media Guide. You can also simply click the button Media Guide available at the bottom left portion of the player, as seen below.

You can also click the Internet Radio link available at the top in the Media Guide page.

This displays the page for Internet Radio. You can choose High or Low bandwidth, depending upon your requirement, from the option available in the page.

You can simply navigate across the same page to choose your station. You can select stations by classification as top stations, classified by genres, and so on as seen below:

Radio Time Web Service is music Software which allows you to access radio stations all over the world. This Software includes an add-on that provides access to music over the radio, in Media Player. There are thousands of DJs and other programs that you can access and listen to, just by giving your zip code. Your local FM can also be accessed through this.

As you can see above, all radio stations are displayed and you need to browse through before selecting the Play button.

~Buvaneshwari Kumaraswami