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Windows Sound Recorder

Sound Recorder

Did you know that Windows has a sound recorder that allows you to record and listen to sound scheme [1], but not for recording long songs.

To bring up Sound Recorder in Windows 98/ME/XP go to Start/Programs/ Accessories/Entertainment then click on “Sound Recorder”. You can also bring it up quickly by going to Start/Run and typing in “sndrec32″.


Next, make sure that you have a sound source coming through. It can be from a tape player [2] hooked up via line in (the light blue jack) or a microphone (the pink jack). Go to Edit/Insert File and you can select a WAV file from anywhere on your computer.

Start talking or playing the sound and hit the record button (the red circle). When you’re done, hit the stop button (square).

Now you can edit and add effects.

To edit the beginning, play the sound (hit the triangle button) then stop before at the point where you want the clip to start. Go to “Edit” and select “Delete before current position”. To edit after a certain point choose “Delete after current position”.

To add effects go to “Effects” where you can increase or decrease volume, change the speed, add echo, and even play it backwards.

When done, go to File/Save.

Play around and have some fun.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas