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Windows SteadyState Part 3

This week is the third and final tutorial on Windows Steadystate. If you missed parts one and two, you can view them here: Part 1, Part 2 . Today we are going to cover the last two sections of SteadyState. These two area are called “Feature Restrictions” and “Block programs“. Lets dive in!

The first section is the “Feature Restrictions” tab. This tab goes beyond the options of the Windows Restrictions tab and covers specific features of windows programs that can be altered for individual users.


As you can see, there are many settings in the tab. Just like the previous section, I unfortunately will not be able to cover all of them, but I will talk about some important ones. The first section is all about Internet Explorer. You will find many useful features in the IE section. Some of my favorites include “Prevent Internet Access“. This will simply stop IE from connecting to the Internet. Great for securing a system that has no need to be on the Internet. Another is “Empty the Temp Files Folder when IE is Closed“. This will simply clean up your temporary files when you close IE. A third is “Prevent Right Click“. This stops users from being able to use the features in the right click menu in IE.

You will also notice the sub menu called “Menu Options“. These options are pretty self explanatory. They allow you to remove options that appear in IE menus. The best one is “Remove Internet Options“. This make it so a user cannot alter the IE settings and possibly put the computer at risk.

The last part of the feature restrictions tab is the “Office Restrictions” area. This area provides a number of office restrictions including preventing the use of VBA applications in office. I would recommend turning this on unless you specifically use macros. These can cause some harm if they come from an untrustworthy source.

Now we will move to the “Block Programs” tab.

steadystate 6

This tab is simple, but powerful. If you don’t want this user to be able use a program, simply click the name of the program and click the “block” button. This will make it so the program will simply not work for this user.

So, there you have it. Windows SteadyState is a very useful program that allows you to take full control of your computer. I hope that I have helped explain some of the coolest options that this program has to offer.