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Windows Vitsa Update

Is there anything else you can tell me about Windows Vista? I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival, but I’m still not sure if I should upgrade to it or not? Please help!

This is a very good question. Windows’ new operating system, Windows Vista [1], is on the rise with its release date getting closer and closer. Without being able to actually view and experiment with this new operating system, it’s hard to tell if you’re going to want to upgrade to it or not. It’s a tough call until you can really sit down and see what it’s all about. So, I will do my best right now to give you a little more information about Vista and maybe it will help make your final decision a lot easier. Let’s hope so anyway!

As a computer consultant, I have been receiving many questions concerning Windows Vista from my clients. One of the major questions is whether or not a person should upgrade to Vista. I have had the opportunity to see some Vista previews from Microsoft, so I might as well share with all of you what I have found out.

First of all, Windows Vista will offer several features that will totally top Windows XP. The desktop and user interface have been revamped to a futuristic look, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Programs such as Internet Explorer, Windows Movie Maker and Media Center have been completely modified and updated. With the updates in place, hackers will now have a harder time hacking your computer, which is always a plus!

Windows Vista presents more advanced computer security features to furthermore secure your PC as well. Windows Defender will also be included on Vista, which is Microsoft’s new anti-spyware software utility. Parents will now have the ability to block their children from accessing certain programs on the computer and even certain Web sites. Also, if something does happen to your computer, reinstalling Windows Vista can take less than 20 minutes.

Along with all the good things, there are some down points. There has been a lot of criticism against Vista, with one being that the Windows Vista interface closely resembles Apple’s Mac OS X’s Aqua. Another major problem with Vista is its hardware requirements. In order to run Windows Vista, you pretty much need to have purchased a new computer in the past year or will need to buy a new computer. However, many laptops, even the ones purchased in the past year, will be unable to run Windows Vista due to a requirement for hybrid hard drives. The hybrid hard drives can easily be added to desktop systems, but can become expensive for laptops.

So, is it worth the upgrade? I would say that it’s your decision. If you would like to take advantage of some of the features that Vista is going to offer, then you might want to buy it. However, if you are working perfectly fine with Windows XP, I would keep using it. I plan to keep using XP until I see how Windows Vista does for the first year or so before deciding to purchase the new operating system. Windows Vista is still expected to be released in December of 2006.

~ Jack William