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Windows XP Mode in Window 7?

Paul from UT writes:

I am on Windows XP Pro and am very used to it, but I want to upgrade to 7. I understand that 7 has a “XP mode”, so if I upgrade how do I put it into “XP Mode” – and which version do I need to have?

Windows XP mode is a feature of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate Edition, and allows a virtual instance of Windows XP to be opened inside of Windows 7 to run programs that are not naively compatible with Windows 7.

What XP mode does not do is change your Windows 7 interface to look like Windows XP. Windows 7 will still be there; you’ll just have the ability to open a Windows XP program which will contain a virtual copy of Windows XP. This is really good if you’ve tried to install software made for Windows XP that will not run in windows 7, but is not intended to be used if the program runs in Windows 7.

You can download and get more information about Windows XP Mode from Microsoft by clicking here [1].