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Windows XP Patch Problems

Some Windows XP users have reported experiencing the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and/or endless reboots after installing a patch Microsoft released last Tuesday which aimed to fix a vulnerability in MS-DOS.


Now, this may not be affecting everyone, but we still thought it would be good to apprise you all of the situation. Don’t let this stop you from applying your patches and updates as usual.

The patch in question has since been pulled, and the software giant is suggesting that malware is the cause of the problem. It appears as though certain types of malware call a specific kernel code that basically tells your system to go kaput. Actually, any program that calls the same specific kernel code can cause this to happen.

Microsoft released this quote, saying that they’re working on a fix.

“In our continuing investigation in to the restart issues related to MS10-015 that a limited number of customers are experiencing, we have determined that malware on the system can cause the behavior. We are not yet ruling out other potential causes at this time and are still investigating.”

I say that if your system is caught in an endless reboot loop or you’re getting BSODs, then hang in there; Microsoft is working on a fix. If you haven’t experienced either symptom, don’t worry just yet.