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Windows XP Splash Screen

Have you ever wondered what happens in the background when the Windows XP logo is loading on your computer screen when you first boot up? I have often thought about that myself, so I thought I would tell you a little about this topic today. So, here we go!

During the startup process, you will see the Windows logo on the screen for a few seconds. But, what exactly happens in the background during that time? In the case the logo does not appear, will we be able to see what’s running in the background? Hmm, good question!

The answer for the above question is: the drivers will load when the Windows XP logo is on the screen. So, to disable the Windows XP splash screen (logo) and see the list of drivers loading at the startup, follow these steps:

1.) Click Start.

2.) Click Run.

3.) Type “msconfig” and click OK.

4.) The System Configuration Utility dialogue box will open.

5.) Click the BOOT.INI tab.

Under Operating Systems section, select the appropriate entry and then enable the /SOS switch in the Boot Options section below.

6.) Click OK and close the msconfig utility.

The corresponding entry in the BOOT.INI file is automatically added. Example given below:

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(5)\WINDOWS=”XP Professional”/noexecute=option /fastdetect


multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(5)\WINDOWS=”XP Professional”/noexecute=option /fastdetect /sos

Now, after you close the System Configuration Utility dialogue box, you will be prompted to restart your computer.

Restart the computer and this time, you will not find the Windows logo during the boot up process. Instead, you will see the list of drivers that are being loaded.

NOTE: There is one more switch (/noguiboot) that disables the logo which also displays during the Windows startup, but the /SOS switch can be added to display the driver names while they are being loaded during the Windows boot.

Hope you enjoy this little tidbit of information.

~M. Nagarajan