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Wine Folly

I’ll confess I’m not much a wine drinker. I like sweet wines like a moscato or an ice wine. And if it sparkles, it’s even better, I adore carbonation. 

With that said, I’m infinitely curious about wine drinking. And I have some friends who want to start their journey of appreciating wine. So I went looking for a good site that might have tips for them, and I found Wine Folly! 

I really like the way information is presented at this site, it is so accessible.  Just check out these two featured infographics: How White Wine is Made [1] and Types of Wine Glasses [2]. Both are clear and easy to understand, but they also impart interesting knowledge quickly. 

Another real draw to the site for me (since I was looking specifically for this kind of information for my friends) is the Wine 101 section. You can find it featured on the main page. It is a beginner’s guide to wine and you will learn just about everything you need to know about wine.

For example, you’ll learn how to open a bottle of wine or champagne, the ideal serving temperature, how to swirl wine, how to buy wine, and so much more! This section is a real gem if you’re just starting to dabble in the world of wine appreciation.

Are you a veteran wine taster with a developed palate? Well there’s plenty of cool stuff here for you too! You can learn all about wine pairings, regional wines, investing in wine, new wine varieties. To check out content for the more advance whine taster you’ll want to click into the Wine Enthusiast section. 

This is an amazing site really dedicated to the art of drinking wine, now go check it out! 

http://winefolly.com/?utm_source=visually_embed [3]