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Winter Driving Tips

I took winter weather a little while to show up this year in Toledo. We didn’t have our first snowfall, and snow that stuck, until the day after Christmas. I’m fine with that; I’d hate to have had to drive through the snow on Christmas to visit my family anyway. But when the cold weather and snow start so late in the year and people are used to driving on clear streets, they might need a refresher on how to drive safely through the slush and the snow. 

So that’s what I went and found. Winter Driving Tips, brought to you by AAA, offers sound advice for driving in adverse winter weather, making long trips in the winter, and driving through snow. Navigation is easy, because all you have to do is scroll down and read the bullet points. There is a lot of useful advice given on this list that you can apply to your winter driving.

I’ll admit I’ve had some pretty terrifying winter driving experiences. When we had an Aerostar van, driving in the winter was more like sledding at times. I just had to drive slow and steer to the best of my ability in foul weather. When we traded up to a Focus, there were still some scary moments with black ice. Now that we’re leasing a brand new vehicle, I have an extra reason to be super careful. Thankfully, our Fiesta handles the snow fairly well for being a little car. These driving tips have certainly helped,though, especially the tip about slowing down far enough away from a stop light that you can time it so you keep rolling up to the light and give it enough time to change so that you don’t even have to stop. 

Want more winter driving tips? Well scroll all the way to the bottom of the page – there you’ll find a .PDF you can download that will walk you through creating a winter driving kit, prepping your vehicle for winter weather, and in-depth driving tips (like what do if your car skids). It’s a very informational .PDF that most drivers can benefit from reading. 

Go on, check out these winter driving tips, so that you can drive safely this winter! 

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