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Winter Gardening

Did you know you can still garden in the winter? I didn’t, but then again, I don’t have much of a green thumb and I own cats who like to destroy plants.  

This is a very straightforward site on winter gardening. Navigation is easy as all the content is contained right on the main page, with external links of support information for each topic collated for you. 

The page is divided up into four sections, they are: 

Benefits of Having a Winter Garden – here you’ll learn about the economical, emotional, and physical benefits of gardening in the winter. 

Plants for a Winter Garden – here you’ll learn what you can grow during the winter months. Check out the different kinds of plants here. 

Flowers and Food for the Winter Garden – this section talks about the different flowers and food you can grow during the winter. 

Tips and Advice for Winter Gardening – this is where you’ll find an assortment of tips and tricks, as well as advice for winter gardening. This section also includes an awesome PDF file  called the Winter Garden Calendar that you can download with advice for growing between December and February. 

I can’ t wait to pass this site along to my mom and dad. They love gardening and could probably benefit from growing during the winter season as well as the summer. 

http://www.gardenforever.com/pages/winter-gardening.html [1]