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Wireless Hub

You’ve heard of a hub before, right? In case you haven’t, a hub is a device you can use with your computer to hook up other devices and gadgets that you may use (such as a keyboard, a mouse, a digital camera, a printer, etc). The most common form of a hub is in a USB format. You simply plug the hub into one of your USB ports and the rest of the devices can then be connected to that in order for them to work.

So, what about a wireless hub? Is there such a thing? There sure is and it’s very convenient! If you have a wireless network set up in your home or office, you can use a wireless hub to connect all the other devices you need to use. A wireless hub is the perfect way to link everything together with all the computers you use within your network. Along with being inexpensive, wireless hubs are also very easy to set up and configure, so that’s always a plus!

The only thing you can’t share on a wireless hub is an Internet connection. This comes as a confusion to several people. Even though you have a hub set up on your wireless network, only one computer can access the Internet. If you wanted to share the Internet connection, you would have to purchase a router. Happy hubbing!

~ Erin