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Wise Auto Shutdown – Schedule Shutdown/Log Off/Reboots

Have you ever wanted to schedule your computer to automatically shut down or power off at a certain time of the day? What about to restart for updates every night at 3 in the morning? Or how about set your computer to go to sleep mode at 10 PM so you can wake it back up in the morning when you’re ready to use it, without wasting electricity running it at full power all night?

Wise Auto Shutdown is the perfect program for you. This amazingly simple utility lets you set up a daily, specific time or “time from now” event to:

So how easy is it to use? Simply run the installer (or download the portable no-install version) and open Wise Auto Shutdown. Once open, you’ll be presented with a simple menu interface to choose which to do and to select when.

Once you’ve picked a task and selected when, click “Start Task” and a prompt will advise you Wise Auto Shutdown will now run in the background and you can access it from your taskbar if you need to.

If you select the option to “Please remind me 5 minutes before the task is executed”, you’ll be prompted five minutes before the time you choose that something is about to happen and be given the option to say ok or to cancel the task. This is a fantastic feature if you’ve got your computer set to sleep at 10:00 but you’re still on it and don’t want the interruption.

What’s not to love about this software? Well, the interface is a bit basic and you can’t select to run any special commands at shutdown, like save open files. Is that a deal breaker? Not really. Using this utility to schedule a restart, sleep mode or a shutdown is really fast and reliable and does everything promised flawlessly.

Download Wise Auto Shutdown by clicking here [1].