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Wise Disk Cleaner

As a general rule, I like to think that I keep my PC in pretty good shape. I run regular cleanings, scan for viruses and check for updates on a pretty regular basis. So, when I came across this weeks free download I thought “Yeah right, this probably won’t do much for my pc”. Boy, was I wrong! This program found 126 un-needed files on my computer!

Wise cleaner

This weeks download is called Wise Disk Cleaner Free Edition. This fairly simple program will scan your system for un-needed files and remove them. I know that this doesn’t seem like much of a task, but the challenge is not really in being able to remove files, its being able to remove the correct files. What separates a bad utility from a good utility is the ability to do the job right. That is why I like this program. It will scan your system and truly only remove files that can be removed without causing harm to your system. If you stick to the default settings, it will do the job right.

After downloading the program, it will walk you through the rest. Just follow the wizard and you will be set to go!

If you want to try out Wise Disk Cleaner Free, you can download it here: http://download.cnet.com/Wise-Disk-Cleaner/3000-2086_4-10613345.html