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Wayne from NY asks:

Is there a program out there that will help me customize my e-mail signature without having to jump through a bunch of hoops? Thanks for you help!

Good question, Wayne! WiseStamp is a nifty email app that you can download for your email account that’ll do just what you asked! It works to automatically insert a customized signature, complete with your social networking IDs, tweets and even a proverb for the day. There’s more, too, and new stuff keeps getting added to make your email signature as all-encompassing as you would want it to be. Best of all, it’s a free add-on – although it only works with Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

wisestamp [1]

All you have to do is download Wisestamp [2] and you are good to go. Once downloaded, the WiseStamp button will appear on extreme top right hand corner. If you are using Gmail, it will be next to the Settings icon. Clicking it will bring up a drop-down menu. Click on ‘Edit WiseStamp’ and you are ready to create your signature. First, however,  you need to create a WiseStamp account – or better still, log in using your Facebook account.

wisestamp [3]

However, if you want to save and backup your signature and settings on their server, you need to create a free account with them. Similarly, if you want to remove the WiseStamp tag from the bottom of the email app, you need to buy an upgrade. This will also enable you to create your own signature templates, large social icons and custom social icons. The price ranges between $24-120/year. However, the free version will suffice if you want to create just two email signatures – one, personal and the other, professional, like I do.


In the ‘Settings’ tab, you can do many things to make your signature reflect you and what you think and do. You can customize your email signature by choosing the design style you want – not to mention, your favorite font, text size, color and custom images. Then, you can enable the automatic sharing of your latest blog posts, tweets, Facebook status messages or even Ebay items you purchased, among other things. And yes, you can use multiple signatures for different types of email. To begin with, you could have a business and personal signature. Complete with your company logo.

Have fun customizing your email signature!

wisestamp [5]

~Zahid H Javali