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Welcome to Wizcabulary, a site that combines a word game with non-profit giving. The game is designed for students in the 5th – 9th grade to build their vocabulary, so it makes a great summer game to give your kids or grandkids to play if it’s raining outside! But it also fun to play if you are a word lover like I am.

I played for about an hour just to do this review. It was research…really!

The game is easy to play! First choose whether you avatar is a girl or a boy, then all you have to do is select the correct answer to define the word you are given. For each correct answer the avatar receives a piece of clothing, when you’ve selected eight correct answers you earn a ribbon!

Did I mention that as you play you’re also contributing to non-profit giving? Well, for every word guessed correctly the WilsonDailyPrep donates .01 to Graph It Forward Today (GIFT). GIFT provides graphing calculators and gently used books to disadvantaged-college-bound students.

If you want to save your score (or your children’s score) click the Save Your Score image below the avatar. That will take you to a form to fill out. The nice thing about this form is that you do not have to provide an e-mail (this is to protect the kiddos) just create a username, password, birth month and year. If you decide to setup a parent e-mail you can offer your children awards for achieving goals, and be notified when they earn a trophy.

If you find you have any questions, be sure to check out the FAQ page. It explains in detail how things work and should cover any questions that arise.

This word game is fun, addicting, educational, and donates to a good cause! Who could ask for more? Check it out today!   

http://www.wizcabulary.com/ [1]