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WizTree – Find Big Files Wasting Space

Tis the season to make New Years resolutions, and one of the most popular is to lose those extra pounds you’ve put on during the holidays. But have you considered making a resolution to put your computer on a diet? Get rid of all of those bloated files and space-sucking programs that you never use?

WizTree is a fantastic program (available here free of charge [1]) that lets you see the location and size of your directories and files – it’s easy to set up, too. Once the program is installed and opened, you’ll see selections to pick the hard drive to scan and a scan button. You’ll also be shown the used space, free space and total space. Once you press scan, the program will read your drive and show you the directories, the percentage of your HDD the directories are using; size, and number of files and folders.

If you click on the Top 1000 Largest Files tab you will be shown a list of your top 1000 files, the percent of drive, size, last modified date and the attributes of the file. The attributes column has letters: H is hidden, S is system and A is achieve. You can right click any file to go directly to the file in an explorer window, delete the file, open a command prompt at the file, and a host of other useful commands.

This program does what it promises. I’m going to spend a few minutes seeing what kind of diet is in order for my computer, and I recommend you do too.


P.S. If you’re unsure of what a directory or file is, try Googling the name of the file and you’ll often find out more information. For example, hiberfil.sys is a hibernation file required for Windows to go into hibernation/sleep mode.