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WMP 11 Released

WMP 11 Released

Awhile back, we told you about the beta version of Windows Media Player 11. Well, now I have even better news for you. The complete version has been released and is available for download online now! Microsoft announced the release on Monday (October 30, 2006) after a long awaited time. So, as long as you have Windows XP on your computer, you can start taking advantage of the new media player right away.

You might be wondering what’s going to be so different. Well, the biggest things are improved visual features and a more simple design, so it will be much easier to search through your media libraries. There are going to be more album art choices available as well. With WMP 11, you can still enjoy all of your music, videos, pictures and other recorded material just like you always have, but this time, it will be with a better design. So, go ahead and play it, view it, sync it and enjoy it!

In the release notes, Microsoft also mentioned how WMP 11 will work with the digital music service of URGE, so that’s something new to look forward to. It will also, of course, still work with any portable media player (and a few other devices) that comes from the PlaysForSure company. So, you rest assured that you can still take your data anywhere you go! If you’re ready for a new and exciting Windows Media Player, you can download version 11 right now. Just click here to do so and turn it up!

~ Erin