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I was browsing the Internet the other day and I noticed a couple of my favorite blogs were talking about a program called WobZip. I checked it out and was very impressed with it, so I thought I’d share it with you as well!

I sometimes download files in the .7z and .ISO formats. What are those, you ask? Well, they’re .zip files, of course! (If you’re not quite sure what I’m referring to, you can read all about zip files here). Those two file formats can be hard to open without downloading a whole slew of new programs and I just don’t really want to clog up my hard drive with those unnecessary applications. So, up until now, I’ve just been living without those types of files. But now that I have WobZip, I can download as much as I want. And here’s how you can use it too!

1.) First, head on over to http://www.wobzip.org.

2.) Make sure you have a compressed file (files ending in .zip, .7z, etc). I searched for “test .zip file” and got this .zip file [1].

3.) Next, click on Uncompress from a URL.

4.) Copy the URL and then click on WobZip.

5.) The .zip file contained a .doc file as well, so go ahead and click on the file name to download it.

Remember, WobZip works with .rar, .7z, .tar and many other compressed file types. Happy unzipping!

~ Brandon Zubek