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Wonder How To

Wonder How To is a site devoted to bringing you the best video and picture tutorials from all over the net.  

When you arrive at the site, it will ask you to F-Connect so that it can show you material relevant to your interests. I just close out of this and navigate on my own. 

Once you’re on the main page, you’ll see the featured content under What’s Hot Today. You can also browse Following, Active, and Newest by clicking on those tabs.

When I was there  this tip [1] was in the What’s Hot Today section and it teaches you how to cut a mandarin orange so that you don’t have to peel but still have perfect segments.  I can’t wait to try it out. 

You’ll find how-to’s for the arts, science & tech, lifestyle, and gaming. And you can use the search engine to search the web for free how to videos for just about anything you want to learn how to do. 

Check it out for yourself! 

http://www.wonderhowto.com [2]