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Word 2007’s Date Picker

Do you have a Word 2007 file or template containing a date that you must change every time you use it?

When you get to that point what happens?

I don’t know about you but more times then I’d like I’m either digging out a calendar or going to the one on my computer. Either way, it’s annoying.

And what about all those times when you’ve seen someone put the wrong day with a date… confusing for the reader and embarrassing to the writer. Don’t we all hope that we’re never the writer?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could simply choose the correct date… like you do so often on the internet?


Well, sometimes great things do happen because that’s exactly what we’re going to look at today – MS Word 2007’s Date Picker.

First, you’ll need the Developer tab of the Ribbon displayed. If you don’t have it already then here are the steps you need to take:

Office Button

Word Options button

Choose the Popular category in the Options dialog box. (Left side)

Check the option to “Show Developer tab in the Ribbon“.

Click OK.

Now, back to the business at hand… at this point you need to place the cursor at the location where you want the Date Picker inserted into the document.

Next we’re off to the Developer tab.

You need to locate the Date Picker button in the Controls section.


Click it.

Voila! No more searching elsewhere for the correct date every time you use that file or template. Simply click the down arrow and choose the date right there inside of Word.