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Word Art


Ever notice how some people always seem to have documents that are a little more eye-catching?

You know what I mean; the people who always seem to have a little something extra on the page that gives it the perfect touch.

There’s a whole bag of tricks you can use to make your document look just right. One of the best is called WordArt. This little feature of MS Office transforms boring old documents into spectacular, mind blowing eye-candy (OK, maybe that’s a bit much, but it does make them look snappier).

There are several ways to start the WordArt feature.

One of them is through the Insert menu, Picture, then WordArt from the sub menu that pops up.

Other ways to start WordArt would include a WordArt button on the Drawing toolbar


Or… by putting a button for WordArt on your existing toolbars using the Tools menu, Customize choice.

Once you locate and start WordArt you should see this window:


This first window is called the WordArt Gallery. You should select a style for your text and click OK.

The next window will allow you to type in your text and to select the font type, size and choose bold or italic.


When you’ve completed your text and made your choices click on OK.

You will be taken back into your document and you will find your WordArt is in the document.

You should also find that you have a floating WordArt toolbar.


The toolbar contains buttons that will take you back to any of the steps you used to create WordArt. Should you find something is not to your liking you don’t have to start all over, simply use the buttons to get back to the needed step so you can adjust your WordArt.

There are also buttons for a lot of creative editing of the WordArt’s appearance. Give them a try. They’re easy to use and can generate some impressive results.

Should you click off the WordArt you’ll find that the toolbar disappears, but don’t worry. Click on the WordArt again and it will pop back up.

Moving WordArt within a document is easy.

With the WordArt selected, hover the mouse over it, you should see a 4-directional arrow. Click and hold while you have the arrows and you’ll be able to drag it around the document.

(I recommend you type the document first, then insert the WordArt. It is easier to position WordArt once a document is done.)

Enlarging or reducing a WordArt’s size is easy.

When the WordArt object is selected, just grab the white boxes and drag. You’ll see horizontal dotted lines letting you know how large your text will be when you release the mouse button.

(And remember if you don’t like the change just hit the undo button. If only my life came with and undo button!)

To delete the WordArt simply select it and tap either the Backspace key or the Delete key.

That’s pretty much it.

Now you too can be one of the people with the oh-so-clever-looking documents!