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Word Auto Correct Options

Do you find yourself trying to use the right-click trick from yesterday to add an entry to the AutoCorrect list only to find that the word you need isn’t even in the list?

That’s happened to me from time to time… somehow a word will consistently come off my fingertips wrong and nowhere near the spelling it should be. So, I end up doing more work to get it right.

You know, I’m tired of the extra work.

So here’s an option for efficiently and immediately adding words to AutoCorrect even if Word isn’t suggesting what we need.

First, you’ll have to have the correct spelling… you may know it and what you’re fighting is a typing issue… if not then do the research (you had to find the correct spelling anyway so no extra effort there).

Now it’s time for the right-click on the misspelled word.

Again we’re going to the AutoCorrect choice.


This time, since our word isn’t in the list we’re going to choose AutoCorrect Options from the bottom.

This will open the usual AutoCorrect dialog box where you can quickly add your new entry while it’s still fresh in your mind.

Who knew that the appearance of the red squiggle line could efficiently lead to more than just a one-time fix?

~ April