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Word Grabber

I am seriously addicted to Words With Friends. I started playing with my college friends to kill time before class and now I play mostly with family. I like that it allows me to interact with people I love, but don’t get to see as often as I’d like. What I don’t like is getting stuck trying to think of word when I have unfavorable tiles. The game likes to generate all vowels for me a lot. I’ve shared other word finder sites with you before, but I found Word Grabber and I think it takes the cake when it comes to helping players out.

Why is it so awesome? Well, it doesn’t focus on just one word game. You can get help with specific games like Scrabble, Words With Friends, Word Feud, and you can also get help with more general word things like anagrams, letter sorting, and another Scrabble helper called Grabber. You’ll also find articles on word games, word games for kids, spelling with numbers, leetspeak, and so much more!

But I brought you here for the generators! How do they work? What makes them more awesome than the others I’ve shared before? Well when the main page loads click on Words With Friends Cheat. It will take you the generator page where you’ll discover you have quite a bit of control over how it generates words for you to use. (Note: Scrabble Helper, Words With Friends, and Word Feud all use the same style of generator.)

You type in the letters of your game piece tiles in the first text box labeled letters, then in the second text box you can decide what pattern you want the letters to generate in (check out the quick guide that is available a bit lower down the page to see what pattern options are available). Now, select how many blank tiles (if any) that you have, and whether you want the words sorted by points (point value) or length (how many letters they are comprised of). Finally, click the green Grab It button. 

The Anagram Solver has a different generator where you input the letters and it will unscramble them in to as many words as can be made with all the letters. You can choose to sort them by alphanumeric or letters. The Letter Sorting Generator is similar to the Anagram Solver except that you can also dictate a pattern in the way it unscrambles the letters. 

The Grabber generator is more a generic scrabble helper where you input letters, select the number of blank tiles, and the word database you want to use (TWL or SOWPODS). 

This is a great site to bookmark for all your word game needs! I mostly use it to get out of the aforementioned vowels of doom situation and to start brand new games. 

http://www.word-grabber.com/ [1]