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Word Spy

Welcome to Word Spy! I love words, and I really love watching new words come into existence in the English language. It is amazing how human beings can constantly think up new words to describe new things in our world! I fully admit that I am a word nerd, so this site is right up my alley, and I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you.

While not a pleasant trait to possess, I know that I am often guilty of grey-sky thinking. I would love to eat in a bustaurant. And I often wonder if my friends suffer from an addiction to hopium! These bolded words are just a handful of the new words you’ll find at Word Spy.

Navigation is fairly straightforward. You can scroll down the page to see the latest entries. On the right side of the page you’ll find an alphabetical menu – the Alpha Archives – that will allow you to look at all the words for a particular letter. Beneath the Alpha Archives you’ll find a search field, if you want to search for a particular word you can do so by typing it in and clicking the Go button.

As you check out the archived words you’ll notice many words that have pervasively entered our everyday vocabulary like mancave, frienemy, Googleverse, and social media to just name few. I wonder what other words that are listed here will become a part of our everyday language!

What are you waiting for go check it out! I’m going to adopt grey-sky thinking and see if it catches on in my circle of friends!

http://www.wordspy.com/ [1]