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Have you tried to get a domain name lately? How about a new IM handle or even a new e-mail address? It’s tough finding a name you are willing to deal with, because you know you’re not getting the one you want. Instead, what you get is something that kind of looked like what you had in mind with 30 numbers behind it. So, you end up with something like: haodidflkasnf402938408, which I’m sure stands for something, but sure is super hard to remember.

So, you’re asking yourself, “Chad, what can we do? We don’t want to settle for garbled, jumbled, cryptic names. Do you have an idea for us?” Well, I do and it’s called WordMorph and it takes all the boring, tedious work out of finding a unique name for whatever it is you need one for.

The program couldn’t be easier to use and to prove it, I’ll go over the instructions with you real quick:

1.) Open up WordMorph.
2.) Pick starting letter (optional).
3.) Pick ending letter (optional).
4.) Pick how many syllables you want.
5.) Click Process.
6.) Choose the word you would like from the list.

Now, that’s easy! If you find yourself having a hard time creating names for accounts or Web sites, this may be the program for you. Oh, and one other thing, this is a great password creator as well. The words are all made up. Just add a number at the end and you’ll have yourself one strong password. I hope you enjoy today’s download, I think it’s pretty cool!

You can download WordMorph here.

~ Cathowbacheld