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WordPad Vs. Word

I received a question from a reader who wanted to know if WordPad is the same as Word and if they could be used in the same way.

The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no.’  Word and WordPad are both word processing programs. They can be used to write and read documents.  For ordinary home use, WordPad will probably be enough for you.  You can learn more about WordPad’s features by clicking here. [1]

WordPad is free and comes on every Windows PC. With Word, you’ll pay either a subscription fee for Office 365 or for Word. So you’ll lay out at least $100.

Microsoft Word – part of Microsoft Office – does a whole lot more. It has templates for a huge varies of documents, it allows you to generate automatic tables of contents, use various formatting styles and perform mail merges. You can also open documents from various formats and convert them formats such as PDFs. Word also seamlessly integrates with OneDrive. There are app versions of Word that you can use on your mobile devices. That means your documents will be available everywhere.

Now, if none of this sounds like anything you need to do, WordPad might be enough for you. If you have a Windows PC, it’s already there, so try it out and see if it meets your needs.

~ Cynthia