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Work Flowy

I found another amazing organizational tool! Welcome to WorkFlowy – a site that lets you organize what you have to do in a way that is naturally in tune with your brain. 

I suggest you start by watching the 45 second video at the bottom right of the page. It shows you at glance how the site works and what you can use it for. Then check out all the testimonials next to the video. If it seems like its something you want to give a try, then scroll back up and fill out the registration form with your e-mail address and create a password. Then click the blue sign up button.

When it loads, you’ll be confronted with your first bullet point! Start creating your headings. My list went something like: Grad School, Work, Homework, Journal. Then click the Heading you want to start adding things to. 

You can click Home to return to the main listing at any time, and if you want to see your list expanded click the plus sign (+) next any heading to expand it. If you finish a task, mouse over the bullet point and menu pops up that lets you mark it off. 

I’m loving this site. I’ve been using it to take notes in my history and music classes. Much easier than dealing with my word processing program because I can use it easily between the laptop and the desktop with no hassle. 

Go check this site out, it might just change your life and raise your productivity!

https://workflowy.com/ [1]