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Working With Multiple Files In MS Word Simultaneously

Working With Multiple Files In MS Word Simultaneously

So, here you are feverishly working on several different MS Word files trying to read, copy / paste and type all at once.

You’re in file A, read a few lines, flip over to file B and type. Now over to file C, copy a paragraph, back to file B and now paste. Back to file A for another copy. Return to file B and paste… on and on it goes!

Is that all too familiar feeling of frustration creeping in?

Yeah, me too.

With that feeling beginning to take over you just have to ask,Is it possible to arrange your files so you can work on two or more at the same time without all the flipping between documents?”

No, there isn’t a way. This tip is over. Please, stop reading…

Hey, why are you still reading this?

Alright, there is a way and I guess I’ll share it with you…

First, you’ll need to open all of the documents that you on which you need to work. Once open, you’re ready to “be in two places at once.”

Simply go to the Window menu, Arrange All choice.

Instantly you should see the difference.


Every file that was open at the time you made the Arrange All choice is now visible on the screen, each in its own little window.

In order to work in one of the files, just click inside it’s window to give it the focus. (You should see that its window title bar will have the familiar buttons for minimizing, maximizing, closing, etc. in the upper right corner.)

You’re free to click back and forth between the files without any of the others disappearing. Because of the way they are spaced next to each other, all files will be visible at all times regardless of which one currently has the focus.

To return to viewing just one file, simply click on the maximize button in the file you wish to work on.


Or, for the users who prefer the keyboard, Ctrl+F10 will maximize the window currently with focus.

I find this tip is very helpful when I’m transferring information (cut and paste) from one file to another or when I find I need to read one file in order to work in another.

I’m sure most of us have devoted a lot of time and energy to the flipping back and forth between two MS Word documents.

Now the only question that remains is what will you do with all of the free time?

~ April