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Working With The Norm

Working With The Norm

Do you find yourself constantly making the same changes in MS Word over and over again? (Things like tabs, paragraph settings, etc… whatever you need to get the job done right.)

Frustrated with all the repetitive work?

Yeah, me too.

Want a better way—maybe a way that has all blank documents delivered to you with these settings ready to go?

Was that a “Yes!” I heard?

I’m sure it was. Who wouldn’t want to remove all that work from their day?

Well then the answer you’re looking for lies in the Normal template.

What’s the Normal template you ask?

Good question.

I think that the MS Office Assistant probably has the best answer around—so let’s hear from him.

“The Normal template is a general-purpose template for any type of document. When you start Word or click New, Word creates a new blank document that is based on the Normal template.”

So, based on that idea, if you can change the Normal template to contain your preferences then all blank documents will contain those same preferences.