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How much time do you spent in front of Your PC everyday? All of us do, whether it’s Facebook-ing or paying our bills. Very conveniently, most of us choose to ignore the ill effects of so much ‘computing’. Though we see pamphlets at our workplace and ergonomic products in shops, most people simply don’t pay enough attention to RSI and eye strain warnings.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is can be caused by repetitive tasks and forceful exertion, like clicking a mouse button for long durations. RSI and eye strain are very common to people who sit in front of the PC for extended periods of time. Most of us chose to ignore it, but the solution is so simple that it would be simply foolish to bypass it. Let me tell you a couple of ways to avoid these things.

Firstly, it greatly helps to keep your monitor (or LCD of the laptop) below eye level. It puts less strain on your eyes and minimizes fluid evaporation and the risk of dry eye syndrome.

Secondly, and equally, if not more importantly: take regular breaks. Not just for your eyes, but for your whole body. For example, have you ever felt a slight discomfort in the wrist after too much typing?

The idea is to take a break after every twenty minutes for about 30 seconds. Utilize this break to keep your eye-sight healthy by looking at an object at least 10 feet away from you. An even better idea is to get up from the desk and walk around or stretch for about 30 seconds, which relaxes the whole body. If you think that taking a break every 20 minutes will hamper productivity, then consider this: It has been proven by studies that our mind can focus best on a job at hand for short intervals of time, hence if you take a break every 20 minutes it will only improve your productivity.

Now, the common problem among most people is that they forget to take a break every twenty minutes or so. No problemo. ‘Workrave’ is a nifty little program which reminds you to take breaks at regular intervals. It lets you take two kinds of breaks, Micro (to relax eyes) and Rest-breaks (to walk around and stretch a little).



Workrave goes a step further by suggesting simple exercises that you can do during the Rest breaks. The best part is that this software is absolutely free to use.


Go here [1] to download Workrave.

Also remember to turn down the brightness on that monitor and drink lots of water! Say cheers to good eyes.

~Yogesh Bakshi