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World Carrot Museum

Did you know there’s a World Carrot Museum? Neither did I! I discovered it while looking up different kinds of carrot seeds because I was thinking of getting my parents some for Christmas. They love to garden, but as far as I know haven’t grown carrots. I was really impressed with the wealth of knowledge to be found here about carrots! 

I started my visit by checking out the links under Start Your Tour. I really enjoyed the History of Carrots [1]section because it is filled with all sorts of interesting information on the development of the carrot and its cultivation throughout history. Another great section I checked out was Carrot Colors! Did you know that carrots come in a variety of colors? There are white carrots, purple carrots, and of course, the familiar orange carrot. In this section, you learn why carrots end up as different colors.

You can also find nutrition information and recipes on this site to help you make the most of your carrots. I love to put carrots in my meatloaf, and I don’t think I could ever turn a roasted carrot down. This is a really awesome site devoted to the carrot! 

Check it out today! 

http://www.carrotmuseum.co.uk/ [2]