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Worldstart’s new videos – introduction


In the video above, Steve and Gary announce worldstart’s new video-style computer tips. Here’s a short summary of what is covered in the video.

1. Worldstart will be making new videos to supplement the text and image based computer tips and newsletter. These videos will cover many of the computer tips by giving a video demonstration of the tip. These videos will not be replacing the text based tip, only adding to them.

2. Along with videos for regular tips, worldstart will be answering readers’ questions! We will try to answer as many questions as possible. If you have a computer question, please go to http://www.worldstart.com/ask and submit your question to worldstart.

3. Another big change is the format of the newsletter. Gary explains that because of the number of new readers, it is getting harder to get the newsletter out on time. Because of this, worldstart is going to be changing the newsletter so it can be sent faster. This means that some of the tips will listed as summaries with links to the full tip on the worldstart site. Another reason for the change is because videos cannot be sent through email.

4. Steve explains that premium members will continue to receive the same newsletter they have always received.