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Would You Swap Your Password For A Tattoo?

The D: All Things Digital conference brings out the heavy hitters in the tech world and Motorola caused quite a buzz when the company discussed search for alternatives to the traditional password at the California conference last week.

Regina Dunn, who heads special projects for Motorola (which is now owned by Google) showed off  an electronic “tattoo” that could be used verify your identity. Certainly harder to steal that a password, Dunn actually wore one on her arm. The tattoos are created using flexible circuits applied to your skin with a rubber stamp. The stamps were designed for medical use, but Google is interested in the possibilities for password protection.

Also on the drawing board, a pill with a battery powered by stomach acid that can produce a signal that turns your whole body into a password. Digital pills have already been approved by the FDA and the European Union.

Considering the privacy concerns raised by Google Glass, so much so that a Congressional Committee recently sent the company a letter demanding answers to seven privacy questions, password tattoos are sure to raise similar concerns.

Motorola head Dennis Woodside said it won’t be happening anytime soon and promised that it’s all going to be optional. “If you want to ensure failure in your innovation, try removing the risks,” Dugan said. “Boredom is the enemy of innovation.”

The real question might be, do people want to be living passwords? Or does it seem more creepy than convenient?

~ Cynthia