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Wrapping Text Around a Table in Word 2007

If you’re an MS Word table user then it’s quite possible that you’ve spent some time trying figure out how to wrap the text of your document around the table.

There isn’t an overly obvious answer so I’m sure that many of you have just given up on truly wrapping the text around the table.

For those of you who have unsuccessfully searched here’s what you need to know.

As always, before you can wrap text you must already have the table in the document. Once it is there then right-click on the table.


From the menu that opens choose Table Properties.

(For those of you with Word 2007… you can also find reach the Table Properties dialog window using the Table Tools, Layout tab of the Ribbon, Table Properties button.)


Now that everyone is in the Table Properties dialog window you need the Table tab.


The bottom section is where you’ll find your two text wrapping choices.

If you select Around and click OK you’ll find that the text in your document has nicely wrapped itself well… around the table.

This works the same way text wrapping works with graphics – you move the table and the text readjusts to wrap around its new location.

Time for me to “wrap it up”!

~ April