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Wrapping your Pictures in Text

Many of you who use a lot of graphics in MS Word probably find yourself spending a lot of time setting the way text behaves around your graphic.

And I’m sure that most of you have a preferred text wrapping option and wish Word would apply your preference to the graphic when you first insert it.

After all, who wants to spend time changing settings when Word could have done it right in the first place? Certainly not me!

Well, fortunately we can control this particular option so let’s take a quick peek…

In older versions of Word you need the Tools menu, Options choice.


On the Edit tab you’re looking for the “Insert/paste picture as” drop-down list.

Make a choice and click OK.

For my Word 2007 users you need the Advanced options (Office Button, Word Options button).


In the Cut, copy, and paste section you need to locate the “Insert/paste picture as” drop-down list.

Choose the formatting that makes you “happy” and click OK.


Now when you paste that graphic it shows up wrapped in text just the way you like it!

~ April