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WS App Review: Munchin Apples


This Android app is a wonderful example of a parent creating a smartphone app, and to a large extent, succeeding in doing a reasonably good job. Unlike apps that are created by companies, this app is not as polished, but seems to be more effective in meeting its objective, i.e. engaging and teaching toddlers. Read on and you’ll see what I mean.

Keeping a toddler or an infant occupied can be very challenging, especially when you are waiting in a line or simply watching your favorite show. When these impatient angels need attention, try using the Munchin Apples Android application. It is specifically targeted at teaching children between 1 to 2 1/2 years old to identify apples. And it manages to keep them engaged. 
When a toddler uses the Munchin Apples app, the focus is on enabling the toddler to learn through discovery. The toddler taps his or her way through a series of levels, all the while discovering apples. After each level, there is a parental guidance screen. The screen displays an apple and a parent is expected to, say “Apple” and show a real apple to the toddler. Each Parental Guidance screen has a different nursery rhyme playing in the background. Simply select Tap > Discover > Spot

Munchin Apples - The Pedagogy Used to Teach Toddlers

Munchin Apples - The Pedagogy Used to Teach Toddlers

The Munchin Apples app is designed to teach how to identify apples. This is exactly what it does. Toddlers managed to pick out an apple from other fruits in a fruit basket or at the local supermarket. I like the “limited” focus of just teaching how to identify apples because toddlers cannot absorb too much. I also appreciated how the game takes a toddler through illustrations and then real-world images. The Parental Guidance screens with nursery rhymes, make it quite effective for parents to control the learning. Some toddlers even started dancing while listening to the rhymes. Lastly, the engagement levels are fairly high and toddlers played it for longer than I expected.  

Pet Peeves
It is only available on Android. The graphics can be improved. Though, frankly, the toddlers didn’t really care too much about the graphics.  Lastly, the game has no value after a toddler has learned to identify apples.


Munchin Apples Screenshots

Screenshots of the Toddler Game - Munchin Apples

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Price: Free and Paid ($1)

Compatibility: Android 2.2 or later
(Tested on Android Froyo and Android Jellybean)