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WS App Review: Photographers Rights

WS App Review: Photographers Rights

Have you ever been traveling and wanted to know what the local rules for photography are? Is photography allowed in a public place? Can you take a photo of a bridge? What if there are children at an event – does that change photography rules? What if someone asks you to take a photograph for pay – how do you sign a contract for that? What if you’re in a foreign country and want to ask permission to take a photo?

If you’ve ever wondered the answer to any of these questions Photographers Rights is the app for you. This application lets you do so much it’s easiest just to list the fantastic information provided in the app.

Photography Rights

Privacy Rights


Countries Supported: USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Japan, Spain, Italy and France

Even though most of this information is available through photographic organizations on the web, finding it all in one easily-accessible app is really special. One feature that is pretty unique is the questions section, which lets you click on popular questions and have them read aloud using the built in speaker on your device in the language you’ve selected.

Questions are available in French, Japanese, Spanish, Catalan and Italian and include:

This application’s interface may be a bit simplistic, but sometimes simple is best. And the price? Free!

If you take photos anywhere or have just wondered about the rules around photography download this app now. 


– Fantastic amount of information easily accessible.

– Spoken questions to common phrases you may need photographing in a foreign country.

– The interface is a bit simplistic.

Rating: (4.5 / 5.0)

Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS
(Tested on iOS 5)