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WS App Review: Sports Tracker


When was the last time you went for a walk or a run? Or, are you more into cycling?

The Sports Tracker app enables you to record your exercise activities, using GPS and Google Maps, and share

them with other users. Interested? Read on for a detailed analysis of this app.

After you’ve installed and launched the app, the Home screen gives you a brief on your workout history and your latest workout. For people into hiking, it even gives the expected time for sunrise and sunset.  


The home screen of Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker: Home Screen

To start a workout, touch Start new workout. This takes you to a screen from where you can choose your activity and specify the Auto pause option. I like the auto pause option because it enables accurate workout data. For example, if I am out cycling and get a flat, I do not want Sports Tracker to record my speed because it’ll ruin the actual cycling data.

Choose an actvity to track in Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker: Select Your Exercise

After you touch Continue, you’ll be prompted to enable GPS, if it is not already enabled. Sports Tracker uses GPS and Google Maps to track your speed and movement. Touch Start to get going.

Touch the Start Button

Touch the Start Button

As you perform your exercise, there is voice feedback that informs you of the distance covered and the time taken. This saves you from constantly looking at your phone while performing the activity. After you’re through with the workout, touch End. The workout is then stored in the Diary.

The Diary provides a synopsis of each recorded workout. Touch any workout for greater detail. The images below show the various screens for a workout. While cycling in the mountains, the Chart screen is particularly useful. As you can see, it shows you the elevation and the real-time speed. For the serious athlete, there is a wonderful feature, which you can access from the HP tab. This feature enables you to view your heart rate. Unfortunately, this is a paid add-on, which you can buy from the Sports Tracker Shop [2].

The recorded information in Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker: Recorded Exercise Log

You can upload all workouts to your Sports Tracker account. Similar to the app, the www.sports-tracker.com [3] website is extremely user friendly.

Another great feature is the Explore tab. Through this tab, you can view all the active users of the app in your area. And, you can also leave comments in their workouts. This feature is great because it enables you to explore the globe to discover new routes and trails. It also provides a way to connect with other enthusiasts.

Pet Peeves

As an active user of this app, I feel there are some short comings that the developers should address. It is primarily geared toward distance-based activities. You can’t even log other activities, such as weight training. Another feature that would be nice is if it had an interval training feature. Lastly, there aren’t any tips or access to a knowledge base that can help you improve your times. Despite these shortcomings, this is an excellent app.


The screens of Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker: Screenshots

Rating: 4.25 / 5.0


Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS 4.3 or later, Android 2.1 or later, Windows Phone 7.5 or later, Nokia Symbian

(Tested on Android Froyo and Android Jellybean)

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~ Rupen