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WS App Review: Time Magazine for iPad

WS App Review: Time Magazine for iPad

Time magazine has been around since 1923, producing a weekly edition which has a current circulation of almost three and a half million print copies per week. Time has been well regarded as providing detailed articles covering news-worthy and fascinating subjects. Popular issues include the Time Person Of the Year and the Top 100 lists.

Times change, and in recent years more people are reading news and information online and on tablets than in printed weekly magazines. Time for the iPad offers you the full Time Magazine with the added bonus of interactive media, light boxes with dozens of new photos from around the world each week, videos and (of course) the convenience of being able to carry around hundreds of issues with you wherever you go.

Time is available as a free app from inside the newsstand interface. You have multiple options on how to subscribe to receive issues of Time. You can pay $2.99 per issue, $29.99 per year or (and the method I took advantage of) purchase the print edition and receive the digital edition free of charge. A co-workers son was selling magazine subscriptions for a school fundraiser and I was able to purchase two years of Time magazine for $44.00. Receiving both the printed and iPad version lets you in on the best of both worlds.

The application is very smooth, downloading of new issues takes only a minute or two and can be viewed both in landscape and portrait orientation. The interactive content, such as videos or light boxes, adds quite a bit to the experience as well. The advertisements from the magazine are on the pages they would normally be on for the magazine, and while I initially thought I’d swipe past them I find myself looking at some of them as it seems to be an organic part of the magazine reading experience. If you don’t want to view the ads you can easily turn the page however.

What’s not to love? Well, if I had to nitpick I’d really like the price to come down on the digital edition. I am not sure why it costs more money to buy a digital product then have it delivered to my home. Also, the magazine (while very well done) isn’t totally bias free (though I’ve yet to find any news source today that is) so you may not agree with all viewspoints expressed within.



– Magazine layout and experience translates well to iPad.

– Interactive and Photo Components add real value to iPad edition

– Subscription price is higher then print subscription alone. Better deal to get print edition then signup for free iPad version then to buy iPad version directly.
– Magazine may have a bias that some people disagree with.

Rating: (4.0 / 5.0)

Price: Free with In-App Purchase
Compatibility: iOS
(Tested on iOS 5)