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WS App Review: TV Guide Mobile

WS App Review: TV Guide Mobile

In today’s day of digital TV, cable and satellite it’s impossible to have any idea what is on TV anymore without some kind of guide. Even basic over the air digital TV now has multiple channels per network. TV Guide Mobile is the best solution I’ve found to finding out what’s on TV and keeping track of what you want to watch without paying for a subscription to a guide magazine or service.

TV Guide Mobile setup initially asks you for your zip code, where you can choose antenna TV, cable or satellite provider so the correct TV stations and programs are displayed in the guide. You can browse up to two weeks in advance and easily switch to current time or prime time shows. Once you find a show you’re thinking of watching, you can click on it for more program information, air dates and other show information. You can set an alert to remind you or add it to your Watchlist which will keep track of the shows you want to watch.

TV Guide Mobile also allows you to search for a keyword to find programs. This comes in handy when you want to watch a show about a specific genre or subject and don’t remember the title of the program. Want a cooking show? Search for cooking. It’s that simple!

What’s not to love? The program is ad supported, so there are small banner advertisements at the bottom of the program. It’s a small complaint since the program is provided free of charge but still worth mentioning.



– Free interactive TV listings for broadcast, cable & satellite providers

– Watch list and Tonight TV makes sure you don’t miss the programs you want
– Searchable to easily find all times a TV show is on

– Advertisement Banners in the program (though a slight con since it is free)

Rating: (5.0 / 5.0)

Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS, Android
(Tested on iOS 5)