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WS App Review: Words with Friends

WS App Review: Words with Friends

If you enjoy playing scrabble and want a way to play a similar game with friends, random new people (or just in person with a buddy), then this is the app for you. Words with Friends is a tile-based word game where players use tiles to build words on a board. The goal is simple: Get the highest score. The challenge comes in when the board starts filling up and you have to make a word with the letters AAAQZPF.

The game is as simple as dragging the tiles from your tile rack onto the board to play a word. The word must connect to an existing word on the game board, unless you’re the first person to go. When you click “Play” the word you spelled is submitted and verified as a correctly spelled word and sent to your opponent. You can both see the board at the same time, but only the individual players can see the tiles in their rack.

Words with friends is played by inviting someone you know to a game or picking the option for a random oponent. You can find friends via Facebook, your contact list (they need to then download/install the game) or by choosing pass and play where you swap the device from person to person to play the game using one phone/tablet. You can have multiple games running at the same time and the interface clearly shows you whose turn it is with popup notifications.

This game’s an addictive way to spend many hours of intellectual stimulation, but does have its downsides. The free version includes ads you must view between turns and small ads visible at all times on the game interface. The paid version is only $2.99, however, and you can move your free version games to the paid version without any disruption. The other major downside has to do with the physical size of a phone and the amount of information displayed on the screen. Due to the nature of the game, the full board must be displayed (though you can pinch to zoom) along with tiles and controls and can sometimes feel a bit cramped.




Rating: (4.0 / 5.0)

Price: Free, Paid Version without ads is $2.99
Compatibility: iOS, Android, Facebook
(Tested on iOS 5)