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XdN Tweaker

Looking for an easier or more streamlined way of changing your systems settings? Are you sick of searching through all of your settings to find what you’re looking for? Do you like the look of past Windows operating systems, but cant seem to get back to that? I hear from a lot of diehard XP users who are just frustrated with gaining control of their Windows Vista and Windows  7 computers. Well, XdN Tweaker is a program that is designed to make some of this hassle go away.

I was pretty excited when I saw this program and didn’t hesitate to give it a shot. In order to install and run this program you need to have Administrator rights on your computer. It will not allow you to make changes without this, so before downloading please ensure you are logged in as the administrator. In addition, you must run the program as the administrator every time you want to use it.


Once downloaded and installed, it brought me to what I call the “Welcome Screen” as seen above. You will notice down the left hand side of the window it has many features, including some it pulls directly from your machine. It essentially puts all of your account controls and settings into one easy to use interface. Now, when making changes to anyone’s computer there is always a risk of altering the performance. This program has a feature built in to warn you of this. It is displayed as a ! and is there to warn you of any potential harm that could come as a result of the change you are about to make.

Another really cool thing I found about this program is that it explains in easy-to-understand detail about every setting and feature it contains. For example, I went to the first Interface options and it went into full detail of what changes you can make and how they will affect how you use your computer.


Ultimately, this program has so many features that I am just not able to cover them all. I really feel like this can take so much frustration out of changing your systems important settings. Go ahead give it a try! Regain control of your computer without the hassle. Click here [3] for your free download.