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Xdrive Online Storage

Xdrive Online Storage

How would you like to have your own free 5 GB drive that is accessible virtually anywhere in the world? You could do anything you want with it! You could store all of your documents, videos, sounds, pictures and more on it. Or how about the idea of sharing large files by sending a link, instead of attaching a huge clunky file? If all of this and more sounds good to you, keep reading!

The Web site where you can get your free drive is http://www.xdrive.com/. It’s an online storage site that allows 5 GB of storage space, absolutely free. That is a very large amount of space for free, in case you didn’t notice! To put that in perspective, 5 GB can hold approximately 1,000 songs. Okay, let’s begin!

1.) Visit Xdrive.com (the link above) and you’ll be greeted by a page similar to this:

2.) Click the green button that says Get It Now.

3.) If you have an AOL screenname, go ahead and type it in, followed by your password. If you don’t, click the link on the side that says Get a Free Screenname.

4.) After you are logged in, you will be asked what name you would like to use. Type it in and click Continue.

5.) You should now be greeted with a page similar to this:

To move on, click the button that says Click to Launch Xdrive.

Now, to get the most out of Xdrive, it is a good idea that you download Java. This will allow you to access all of the great available features Xdrive has to offer. Java software can be downloaded here. And in case you’re not sure about it, get the full scoop on Java here.

To Upload a File

1.) Select the folder where you would like to upload the file to by double clicking a folder in the left pane. I selected the My Documents folder, because I’m uploading a Word document. The choice is yours.

2.) Click the Upload button on the toolbar.

3.) In the box that appears, select the Basic tab.

4.) Click Add and then Browse. Select the file you would like to update. If you would like to add another file to upload, click Add and Browse again. When you have finished, click Start Upload.

5.) Click Done when you have finished.

More features on Xdrive.com include the ability to download the file back onto the computer. This is useful, for example, if you are at a friend’s house and wish to download the file onto your own computer.

Xdrive makes it easy to share multimedia as well. With it, you can upload pictures, music, videos and create albums and playlists.

You can then just click the Send button and type in the recipient’s e-mail address of who you wish to share it with.

You can also upload your list of bookmarks on Xdrive, so you’ll have them wherever you go!

Another great feature is the ability to enter your e-mail address information so Xdrive can save all of the attachments in your e-mail to your Xdrive drive. Even if you delete the e-mail, the attachment will still be in your Xdrive. This is great for me, because I get a lot of attachments containing pictures and videos.

For those of you who have cellular phones, you can access your drive through a special Xdrive mobile Web site as well. From there, you can look at pictures, fax documents and listen to MP3s.

The feature that really stuck out to me the most was the ability to have Xdrive back up a folder from your computer and put its contents onto your drive. You can schedule Xdrive to automatically go and check that folder for changes as well.

There’s one more feature I’d like to talk to you about and that’s the Xdrive Desktop. The Xdrive Desktop puts an actual X: drive on your computer, allowing you to just drag and drop to access and upload files. How cool is all of that?!

There are even more features you can experiment with in Xdrive and you can find out all about them at the Web site linked above. Have fun!

~ Neil Patel